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Hello buddies! So I’m here to share how to study well in matriculation. Basically, I’m just an ordinary student who still need to study harder than those who were born clever. I mean eventhough I believed that everyone was born with the same intelligence, but I still think it’s not true. Because some of people doesn’t need to study hard to get an excellent result. So, here’s some tips for you guys. Actually it is also worked on other students outside of matriculation too.

Find your study style.

What I mean here is ask yourself whether you’re a visual (see) or auditory (hear) learner.

If you’re a visual person (someone who learns best by seeing things), whenever your teachers or lecturers are teaching, grab some blank papers and colour pens then write down some important points. After the lecture session end, go back to the hostel or cafe or library and do underline or highlight the key points in bright colours because you’ll remember them easier that way. Do some drawings if possible. Mind map is another option.

If you’re an auditory person (someone who learns best by hearing things), during your free time, you have to recite things out loud or recording your notes. I found this is the best way for last minutes presentations (lol). Use your own phone if you don’t have other recording devices and play them on repeat to yourself, whether you’re going to the toilet or lying on the bed. Make up songs about your subject matter is another option. I have a friend who likes to create the lyrics of biology subject and it worked on her!

Best Location.

As a student who lives in hostel, you have to claim your study space! You can choose whether in your room, library, cafe or your tutorial class. For the person who think they can endure noisy places, you can choose cafe to study. But I don’t think it’s a good idea because when your friends come and disturb you, then asking you to eat with them lol, I don’t think you can refuse them, especially when they are YOUR CLOSE FRIENDS (I don’t call them bestfriend because it only lasted for a year two). For studying in the room, if you can compromise with your roommates, I think it’s a good place to study. Because I know some people cannot endure with the noisy surrounding especially when your roommate is a type of person who is really noisy, turns on the music too loud when you’re studying, or singing without care about your feelings. I can feel that. But if you’re too lazy to go to the library or tutorial class, then you can go to your study room in your hostel. I think every hostel has it, right? The called it ‘bilik bacaan’. Remember, choose a study place where you can concentrate at all.

Revisions and Homework.

I understand that you’re too tired to do your revision, but still you have to do it though. At least read a quarter of the chapter per day or do two or three questions per night. Besides, doing your homework also helps you a lot. DON’T BE LAZY to do your homework, it helps you to understand more of what your teachers or lecturers teach you on the day.

Study Buddies.

Dear students, you cannot do anything alone. That is why you still need your study buddies. You can ask them if you don’t understand something about those subjects. Also, you have to share your thoughts and everything you know (if you are good in several topics) to them. DON’T BE GREEDY. When you teach them for twice or thrice, it can improve your studies and make you remember a lot! But please plan what would you gonna study with them (prepare for some topics and type of questions) or you’ll just wasted your time. Your roommates also can be your study buddies if you guys took the same subjects.

Various stationary.

What I mean here is you have to prepare many types of study stuffs. It’s not like a kawaii one (if you don’t need it, but I believe it can enhance your interest in studies), but it would be bored if you only have blank A4 papers and black-blue-red pens, right? Buy some pens with another colours, highlighters, coloured papers, sticky pads and the most important is WHITE BOARD and markers. 

If you cannot afford a white board, you can DIY your own whiteboard though. A blank paper (colour one is good) and plastic book are enough. You just have to cover the blank paper with the plastic book and done! Place it in front of your study table or beside your bed. Whenever you tried to remember things, you can write them out and erasing it, and repeat the same thing until you can memorize everything.


Keep focusing during lecture and tutorial class. Tell your evil friends to stop joking around on you. Slap them if possible lol. If you feel tired of sleepy, I recommend you to eat some gums or sweets. Bring a bottle of mineral water during class, DON’T USE syrup lol. Coffee is another option. Don’t choose a place with good stability (desk and chair), because when you feel comfort with your place, you will feel sleepy (plus the air conditioner is super convenient!). Make a story line on a blank paper of what your teacher or lecturer teach on you. Here’s an example.

Lecturer’s guide.

If your study buddies still can’t help you, ASK YOUR LECTURER for help. This is the best way because lecturers can explain better and give you further informations. DON’T BE LAZY (like me) or your result turns bad. I believe you will not regret for this choice.


Some people can study while listen to music but some people can’t. If you’re a type of person who studied with music, I recommend you to listen some slow tempo of music (without vocal) especially the piano and guitar instrumentals. The reason why I suggest these kind of music is because you will not concentrate if your listen to songs with vocal, I STRONGLY BELIEVE you will sing 24/7 without stop. Doesn’t it will disturb other people with your (ugly) voices? Oh I forgot, I prefer you guys to use MP3 or ipod instead of your phones and laptops.

Switch Off Your Devices.

This is why I said you have to use your MP3 or Ipod, because you have to SWITCH OFF all your devices or else, you can’t concentrate very well. What if you’re listening to your songs on your phone and then suddenly your crush sent a message to you? Heh, I believe you will leave your study table for a while, OH IS IT FOR A WHILE? No, I know you will spend two to three hours for your little ‘bae’, hmm. And what if you’re listening to your songs on your laptop and suddenly your desire tells you to watch a movie on your laptop? OH, IS IT FOR A MOVIE? Nah, I believe you have more than a movie.

Compact notes.

This is for the laziest one. But I think it’s quite effective too. Try to compact the notes in a page per topics. I used this way before, for my quizzes (quick quiz on the next day) and I’m a visual person, so I remembered the location of my notes because I divided it into many spaces. My friends told me it was very messy but that's my style lol.

Study Planner.

I believe some of us didn’t followed our own study planners, so here is the tips. Attention, this is for study week’s planner. DO NOT STUDY EVERY HOUR (like we usually do in class). Do not do a study planner like this if you can’t obey on it. 

I prefer to do this kind of study planner so you can focus only a subject per day

You can do many types of questions and if you don’t understand, ask your roommates. If it doesn’t work, then DON’T BE LAZY to ask your lecturer in the ‘menara pentadbiran’. If you’re really weak on a specific subject, then DON’T BE SHY to stay at your lecturer’s desk for a day because it is the last way for ask a help.

Stay Motivated.

When we are studying, it help to keep in mind the reasons why we were doing all of this hard work, like a course or career that we’re looking forwards. GET AN EXCELLENT RESULT, ENTER A GOOD COURSE, GET A WONDERFUL JOB, AND MAKE YOUR FAMILY HAPPIER. It can help to have something on our study space to keep remind on our goals. You could also decorate your study space with inspirational quotes or photos of people you admired and family members you want to make proud of you. Put your list of life goals and make sure your desk always clean and neat, so you can comfort with your study routine. 

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