Semester Break Plans!
Monday, June 24, 2019 3 unicorn(s)

Hello everyone! It’s been few months I’ve been abandoning my own blog. I’m in my sem-break so I guess I can start blogwalking again.

Last semester was a tiring semester. I have like 4 major subjects + one elective + FYP. The assignments went crazy. The tutorial classes kept filling the week. The fieldtrips and reports, pewh *sigh* (we had our own fieldtrips last sem). I’ve spent so much time in the library (sometimes I forgot that I was scared to go home alone at night).

I think my schedule was so messy, with tornados everywhere. There’s a week where we had to face midterms, a final and need to pass up many assignments. It was exhausting. I almost passed out gave up. But thanks god, Alhamdulillah I managed to endure all the hardships. Hopefully, my result would be fine 🙇 (can I make a summon circle?).

I have so many plans for this sem-break but I’ve done none. Almost a month of break, but I… nah just watched some k-drama and variety shows such as Running Man and Problematic Men. Totally recommend the Problematic Men show because it helps you to gain knowledge and teach you many creative ways to solve problems.

Some plans that I think I should do :
  • Losing weight (because I’m fat hm I’m currently 47kg with 150cm tall, oh I’m short actually)
  • Take care of my face (because I had thousands breakout last semester)
  • Wearing contacts (I don’t think I can do this)
  • Learn to do makeup (because my mom forced me haha)
  • Do corrections of my FYP (fortunately my friend told me before I lost to the space)
  • Watercolor paintings (I finally found the suitable paper)
  • Acrylic paintings (I bought 3 canvas so, I don’t know if my acrylics don’t run out)
  • Get my car license (damn I’m scared af)
  • Manage my next sem schedule and find a house/room to rent (because I was rejected)
How am I going to lose weight : I've cut carbonated drinks since few months ago (I didn't drink one during eid)
First two weeks plan :
  •          No sweets
  •          No chips 
  •         No chocolate
  •          No burger
  •          No instant noodles
  •          No cookies (kuih raya)
  •          No donuts 
Continuous weeks :
  •          Less sugary drinks − twice a week (coffee, tea)
  •          Less fast foods – once a week
  •          Eat donuts once a month
  •          Eat more veggies
  •          Less white bread
  •          Less milk
  •          Drink MORE water
  •          Fruits as snacks
  •          Cut chocolates
  •          Eat a small portion

How am I going to take care of my face? Hmm I have no idea at all. I guess I will wake up early and wash my face twice a day (because I’m lazy when it comes to holiday). Then I will just list all of the ingredients of the skincare I used, because who knows maybe there is something that triggered my pimples lol.

WOULD YOU SUGGEST ME A GOOD MOISTURIZER? My skin type is oily. I use neutrogena and hada labo but they’re too pricey haha!

The contacts? HAHAHA I’m scared. I wanna use it since few years ago but I’m still scared. There is too much bad news about contact lens I’ve seen. But I want to try it once in a life time. Wearing glasses is sometimes, annoying. I look like a grandma a short aunt. I look older than my age. That’s why I wanna try contacts (bet I'm not gonna wear it tho).

Doing makeup is sucks. I mean, I didn’t know how to do one lol. I can’t draw eyebrows or eyeliners. I don’t wear blusher, or fake lashes. Everything that I usually wear to class (or going out) is just a bb cream and liptint. But I’m gonna try anyway. Mom has been asking me since last year lol.

For my FYP corrections, I haven’t done it yet. I did little mistakes for my diagram formats, urgh. But that’s all though. I don’t have major mistakes. I didn’t ‘cry’ while finishing (chapter1-3) my FYP, it’s fun! But I cried a lot when trying to revise the other subjects, because we didn’t have the midsem break and study week. It was really tough. I just hope I can pass!!!

Ah, I wrote too much already hahaha. Please, pray for my exam result! ✨✨✨ Hopefully there’s no grades other than A and B :P I hate seeing C in my result. See you next time!

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